Hans Krebs
Server operator
Coat of Arms of Hans Krebs
Personal Coat of Arms
General Information
Minecraft Name Hans_Krebs
Nickname(s) KT, Katy, Luc
Unterganger Name KnightTemplar1453
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Nationality Brazilian
Joined A damn long time ago

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Hans_Krebs, warden of Deepwood Motte, Saltshore and Sallosh is a player on the Unterganger Minecraft Server. He acts in the server mainly as a builder. This player is capable of using OP powers.


Hans_Krebs joined the server a few hours after creation, and is considered one of the founding fathers of Unterganger City. He also has engaged with Fegelein1906 to build, to the west, a huge sprawling metropolis called Athyras, which is yet to be complete, (as of 2015, steady progress is being made). His first months on the server were characterized by a building spree which made most of the buildings of the server his creations for a time, but this trend has been reversed after his banishment a year later and subsequent inactivity. At the end of 2014 he was unbanned, but visits were rarely made until mid-late 2015, when he once again started building structures. His current plans are, along with Fegelein1906 and tudor, to finish the city of Athyras.

Building style

Hans has a preference for medieval/early modern european architecture, and his favorite materials are wooden planks, wooden logs, normal sandstone and bricks. His buildings are created by using combinations of two blocks (usually wooden planks with wooden logs or sandstone with bricks), commonly have rounded corners and manage to not look boring despite the rigorously symmetrical layout. Exceptions are often made, though.

The player is often known for building whole cities, towns and villages along the unterganger minecraft server, most notably Athyras, with its majestic proportions and overly ambitious planning (although he builds few structures in the city nowadays, with other players doing so).

Main strictures


Other Buildings