Hareton is an NPC village located in the outer northeastern region of the server world, northwards from Shroomsbury. Molster discovered and named the village, and later connected the village to the Northeast Railway (NERW).

Hareton generated on top of a surface canyon. It's also on a newly generated 1.8 plains, which comes with the new rabbit mobs. Due to this, Molster was divided between naming the village after the rabbits or the canyon. He coined "Nantwich" ("canyon village") and "Harewich" ("rabbit village") for the name of the village before settling on Hareton, falling back to the older practice of naming villages after prevalent mobs (eg. Cowville). The village motto is "Cuddles and Giggles", referencing the Happy Tree Friends animated series.

The NERW station was upgraded on 9-11 December 2018 from a single platform to two island platforms in preparation of the construction of NERW's Deep Blue Line. The station building is based on Keiō Meidaimae station building in Japan.