A view of Horseville.

Horseville is a small NPC village northeast of Unterganger City. It is linked to the RTN's Tudor Line where on one end is Cowville and on the other direction is Old Newport. The second stronghold is located nearby, which connected to the village by a road built by Tudor, who also worked on refurbishing said stronghold.

The village consists of a small house, a librarian house, a large house and a single patch of farmland. The train station was originally a bog-standard halt, but later replaced with a proper building, the design of which serves as a prototype for many other stations built by Molster.

The name, given by Molster, stems from the fact that horses were found roaming on its streets as Molster and MTM were building the railway.

Recently in 2017, a depression themed town named No Hope Cove was built right next to Horseville by AlphaSkyRaider after the Lakecastle/tudor dispute, and on 30th March, 2017, Nerdington 'wholesomized' the town and renamed it to Wholesome Cove.