Ibrahim Mat Zin is a bomoh (Malay shaman) who gained notoriety for his ludicrous rituals at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport on 8 and 9 March 2014, supposedly to locate the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. He has since become the subject of ridicule by players of the Unterganger Minecraft Server, with sculptures of him holding coconuts and sitting on flying carpets started appearing everywhere.

The following sections list out the location of these sculptures.

Sculpture holding coconuts

Melons take place of the coconuts which are unavailable in Minecraft. In some of these custom player heads (i.e. head of MHF_Melon, a custom head provided by Mojang) is used instead as the head more closely match a real life coconut's size.

Sculpture with magic carpet

  • In front of the Land Office (by Molster)
  • In tudor's village (by procrastinator)
  • Ibrahim's Carpets (duo by procrastinator)

Buildings pertaining to Ibrahim

  • Ibrahim's Carpets (by procrastinator)

Pixel Art

A pixel art of Ibrahim Mat Zin was built by Molster on September 2014. It's located on the southern chunk border, between Pink Panther's and Polan Park Station.

The pixel art is based on a photo of him holding coconuts. However, only his head is included. Due to his facial expression the pixel art was made partially submerged in water, and he looks like he's drowning.