The Ice Temple is a structure in the UMS, built by tudor with minor assistance from Molster and procrastinator. It is located near Deepwood Motte and tudor's first house.

As the name implies, it is made entirely out of ice.  Where normal Sandstone would be, it is replaced with Packed Ice, and where normal Wool (or, since 1.8, stained hardened clay) would be, it is replaced with Normal Ice.

The temple is inhabited by the witch Elsa, on the upper level, and below the floor, by the snowmen Boris and Olaf. Elsa, however, had since moved to the shallow pool under the temple.

The temple is part of the Four Temples of the UMS Seven Wonders.


  • tudor mentioned that simply gazing at the temple in the server gives him a chilly feeling, as if he would be standing near it IRL. This mostly applies to him, though.
  • Elsa and Olaf are references to characters in Disney's animated film Frozen. Boris came from the Garfield Show.