Jawadabad is a town built by player Jawado116.

The town is situated in the desert south of Athyras and is still under construction. Originally, Jawado116 planned on naming it Beta, but player Fegelein1906 suggested the name Jawadabad (a word play on Jawad and Islamabad, the Pakistani capital), to which Jawado116 agreed to the name. Currently, a railway jointly built by players Nerdington and RDPIsOnCrack links the town to a small interchange station on the southern part of the Outer Line, and to the 20EuroCent's Pyramid station.

Currently the town contains a mosque, a restaurant, a potato farm, and some houses. GLA vehicles from the video-game series Command & Conquer can be found near the town as well.


  • There is a village named Javadabad in Iran, as noted by Jawad.