Former server operator
Molster near Skinship sculpture
Kimilil posing in front of The Skinship sculpture
General Information
Minecraft Name Kimilil
Unterganger Name mfaizsyahmi
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Nationality Malaysian

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Kimilil (formerly Molster) (YouTube name mfaizsyahmi) is one of the regular players in the Unterganger Minecraft Server. He joined the server around August 2013 after being invited by Fegelein1906, Hans_Krebs and procrastinator. From a complete newbie, he gradually began getting into redstone with one of his earliest builds in the server, the Eat-O-Matic meat dispenser. He is also notable for using custom map items extensively. He along with procrastinator have been hailed as the UMS's saviour after finding a working fix during the First Server Downtime. The name was a pun but retroactively changed to mean "mole star" in Dutch.


In early April, Molster had sent a couple of messages over to Zombieskullkrash on Chatango, telling him that he is retiring and authorizing him to protect everything he built or maintained from "potential pricks out there".

However, upon the reopening of the server, he became an active player on the server again, until he was banned for repeated griefing on a certain building. He later transferred custody of his buildings in the server to other players. Information of the transfers can be found on his user page.

He is unbanned and a regular player again since 3rd of August, 2018. His current name in the server is "kimilil".

List of builds

This list is in no particular order.

Build Location
Old Malay Town Unterganger City, Central Region
Cinema (part of Old Malay Town) Unterganger City, Central Region
Masjid Jamek (part of Old Malay Town) Unterganger City, Central Region
Land Office Unterganger City, Central Region
Molster House Waldon Forest, Central Region
Unterganger Central Terminal (both buildings) Unterganger City, Central Region
Mailcart Central Station Unterganger City, Central Region
Spleef Arena (co-built with MTM) Central Region
Eat-O-Matic meat dispenser Unterganger City, Central Region
Cenotaph Unterganger City, Central Region
Monumental Lag Monument Unterganger City, Central Region
Mfaizsyahmi's Headgear Emporium Unterganger City, Central Region
Tower of Mabula East Region
The Rail Transit Network (co-built with MTM) Everywhere
The Subway and the majority of its stations Unterganger City & Athyras
Buntington Town North Region
Library (courtyard built by MTM) Central Region
Molbank Tower Commercial District, Athyras
Ye Oake Inne Craivii-Eragoth Forest, Central Region
Rick Astley pixel art North chunk border
Gordon Freeman pixel art East chunk border
Mikasa Ackerman pixel art East chunk border
Ibrahim Mat Zin pixel art South chunk border
Southwest Railway Outer West Region
Northeast Railway Outer Northeast Region
Message Board (helped by MTM) Southern Ocean, Outer South Region
Unterganger City Airport runway Central Region
Dokkiri Mart chain of convenience stores Luminosity, Pasanauri
Two dams and a reservoir ("Chono Dam" and "Akira Reservoir") Outer North Region
Partial work on a Nether transport system as an alternative to the Teleporter Stations The Nether
Onii-chan Onsen Outer North Region (near Cowville)
The Skinship sculpture in Athyras Athyras (near the Hospital)
Bridge of the Pontifex Baldic Sea
Michael Bridge Sea of Giggitee
Seishun Tunnel Central Region
Carpal Tunnel Athyras-West chunk border
Malaysian Embassy Government District, Athyras
Athyras Water Treatment Plant Little London, Athyras
The Sky Raider Cable Car Waldon Forest, Central Region
Temple of Ramen II Central Region (near Vzorkic Temple)
RT Central Unterganger City, Central Region

Eston International

Eston Post
Koyama Shrine Weston
Southville station Southville
Waldon Forest station Waldon Forest
Toto Railway Region 5-7


Name Location Notes
Taming Sari North Region A Malay kampung (village) with the replica of the Malaccan Sultanate Palace and a showcase of traditional Malay house designs, to the extent possible in Minecraft
Unterganger City Airport terminal Central Region
Replica of old Kuching, Sarawak Outer West Region
RT Central Central Region Furbishing work on the floors ongoing
de_aztec Inner East Region


Build Location
Replica of Hotel Adriano (Ghibli's Porco Rosso) Southern Ocean
A hill station inspired by the Cameron Highlands Outer Northeast Region
Replica of Kudo Shinichi's Residence (Detective Conan) Central Region (beside Kittredge Residence)
Compton Wynyates-inspired manor house
(Attempted on TSU's server but left unfinished due to server issues)
Riviera, a small town based on the Cinque Terre, Italy East Region, near Tower of Mabula
A city North Region (near Horseville
A laid-back island town The island in Eastern Ocean
A small town Outer West Region (near Carpal Tunnel)
A Counter-Strike map adaptation of either de_dust, de_dust2, de_aztec or de_piranesi (or any number of them) East Region, Outer Southeast Region (de_piranesi)
A small-scale Chinese walled town, perhaps inspired by pre-WW2 Kowloon Walled City  ?
Shibam-inspired desert town Outer West Region, near Weston
A port Swampland in Southwest Region
An oil rig Eastern Ocean
A hotel Athyras Commercial District
Athyras Waste Stabilization Pond (wastewater treatment plant) Athyras Industrial District
Black Rock City (Site for the Burning Man Festival) Outer Northeast


The following are titles conferred onto Molster:

Title Conferred by Reason
Director of Land Survey self Initiating large-scale mapping of the server with the Land Office and currently in charge of making map renders
Director of Railways self Building and maintaining most rail networks
Mayor of Buntington self Founder
CEO of Dokkiri Mart self Founder
Steward of the Tower of Mabula self Builder
Lord Holy Saviour of the UMS self Recovered the server world from the First Server Downtime
Maester of Eragoth Fegelein1906 Knowledge of MC commands
Lord High Mage of the UMS self Knowledge of MC commands
Pontifex self Building bridges, particularly Pontifex and Michael Bridges

Titles conferred onto others:

Title Conferred to Reason
Sheriff of Buntington Tudor Regent in the Mayor's absence
Director of Regional Planning Hans_Krebs (former, now vacant)
Deputy Director of Railways MTM
Lord Holy Saviour of the UMS Procrastinator Recovered the server world from the First Server Downtime
Canabai Advisor of Transportation NerdieSanders Helped Nerdie with planning and building many Canabai's infrastructure.


  • Molster's buildings have some of the most elaborate roof designs, including Dutch gables, dormers, a saw-tooth roof, monitor roofs etc.
  • Molster was particular about preservation of the environment, with the emphasis of making the least alterations. The leveling of the East Village affected him of all the players the most. He went on to build two memorials for the perished villagers.
  • Molster used to spend considerable time on infrastructure maintenance and construction.
    • He, along with MTM, built stretches of rail tracks, most of it under the Rail Transit Network.
    • He laid out the street grid of the old town, which was practically nonexistent when he first arrived.
    • He is also particular about water courses. He connected bodies of water that are misaligned on the chunk border, and call for provision and preservation of water courses in spite of several other players building structures that completely cut off bodies of water into two.
    • Due to influence from Malaysian left-hand traffic direction of trains (which in turn is a legacy of the British) double-tracked sections of the RT Network have their traffic aligned to the left - to the bafflement of many European players that come from countries with right-hand traffic.
    • Currently, he, along with NerdieSanders, now upgrades and maintains Canabai National Railways.
  • Molster's builds are built with the Minecraftian easterly wind (wind that causes the Minecraft cloud to move westwards) in mind, e.g. flags and smoke from chimneys.
  • Molster hates traps, especially those that use command blocks.
  • Molster used to wear blocks on his head after the feature became available in 1.8 (same effect as /hat on most servers)
  • To commemorate Molster's return to UMS, KrebsLovesFiesh renamed one of then being under construction railways to Molster Monotrack.
  • Molster kept a pet giant named Günsche Senior, Esquire nearby his private beach, named Günsche Senior. However, the giant is unfortunately the victim of numerous griefings due to him being one of a kind on the server.
    • His name is a reference to a trope in Downfall Parodies of Otto Günsche, Hitler's personal adjutant, being called a "stupid giant".