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KrebsLovesFiesh in Minecraft
General Information
Minecraft Name KrebsLovesFiesh
Nickname(s) Krebton No.1, Sberk
Unterganger Name KrebsLovesFiesh
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Nationality Thai
Joined Some time in March

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General information

KrebsLovesFiesh joined in early March of 2018. He was invited to the server by AlphaSkyRaider and he joined sometime later. Krebs was introduced to many parts of the server including Eston Post. After that Krebs built many things in the eastern part of Eston Post. KrebsLovesFiesh is known for his obsession with railways and building large things to keep him busy. He is currently involved in building small parts of Morioh with instructions given to him by AlphaSkyRaider and Nerdington.

On August 13, 2018, he voluntarily left the server. He joined back the same day.

On September 02, 2018, he was banned by NerdieSanders for talking about how he was in a server with banned members. It got to the point where he was forced to talk about the banning of people that occured on the UMS. He also leaked info about another server, owned by Alpha.

Despite being banned, he still sometimes consults players on builds in the claims they inherited from him.

Eston Post

After AlphaSkyRaider introduced Krebs to Eston Post, Krebs quickly realised the flexibility of how much he can build in the town so he started building many things in the previously empty part of Eston Post. AlphaSkyRaider usually helped Krebs with his builds and scold him afterwards for building serious builds in a shitpost town. (Wait a minute, that sentence is from the Eston Post wiki page itself lol) Nerdington partially gets involved with anything and everything that he thinks isn't aesthetically built enough.

Builds involved in