Laval is a city-state located near Hassenfield, as of early-August 2018, Laval can be considered as WIP.


Laval is named after the real-life town of Laval, located north of Montreal, and in-turn, named after François de Montmorency-Laval. It’s namesake is located on the south-west region of it's inspiration, the province of Quebec. Prior to being named Laval, it was simply referred as 'Quebec."


The history of Laval traces back to July 2018, when Gaker desired for land, after some discussion, it finally concluded that Gaker should have an archipelago, located near Hassenfield. It was forgotten by Gaker himself until August, 4th, 2018 when he was reminded that he already has that archipelago, later, Gaker decided to start a Quebec-inspired settlement on the island, with the first structure ever constructed is a structure that holds a teleportation script, later to be renovated into a tall flagpole. During the summer of 2018, Laval has started to grow in terms of land, with a desert peninsula being part of it’s later land, the forested, but small original archipelago is referred as the “Vieux Iles” region.


  • Laval is one of the few places to be bilingual, it's also the first Francophone location of the UMS.
  • In Minecraft, the flag had to use the same dark-blue color as Canabai, and a similar stripe on the flag. Many confused Laval for Canabai because of these similarities in the Teleporter Station.
  • Laval houses one of the eastern world’s fewest freeways/expressways.

More general information

  • Currency: Lavallois Franc (LVL₣/LVF/₣)
  • Date format: yyyy-mm-dd
  • Calling code: +33
  • Internet TLD: .el
  • Transport: Road (Eastern Bloc Expressway, internal roads), [proposed] Rail