Levanski is a WIP city built by Nerdington, and the newest city of Canabai. It is situated along the coasts of the West Sea.


In June 2017, Nerdington declared the official expansion to the West of Canabai, and thus also establishing the city of Levanski. Originally planned to become the new capital city of Canabai, but scrapped due to the lack of space, Levanski gradually grew into two parts, the "old" town, aka. Kovansberg, and the "new" city, which is Levanski itself. The two city was developed simultaneously, however Kovansberg had a faster rate of completion due to the small space it occupies.

During the planning stages, Levanski's urban landscape was designed with an automobile-centric design, and later executed, in today's Levanski Circle, the two Highway 1 through Downtown, and Expressway 108 and 109. However, after the introduction of walkability philosophy, Levanski double downed its lane counts on certain roads, implemented on-street parkings and trees, using bike lanes on main roads, etc. to make the city more aesthetically pleasing and safer for pedestrians. The city also started to use Barcelona's Superblock concept.

In early 2018, after developed to a certain acceptable degree, Kovansberg declared itself as a separate town from Levanski, thus reducing Levanski's territory to almost half and losing its major access to the West Sea. Afterwards however, the city officially acquired Mekia, the area east of Kovansberg, to build the Port of Levanski and the industrial/sports area.



Levanski is a planned city, with the superblock concept being used throughout the city and mostly being flattened out in the periphery. The city is being slowly developed, starting from the downtown district and the city grid. On the Levanski Island consists of the Government district, which has the Levanski City Hall, the City Courthouse, and the planned Canabai's Department of Defense. The Island also has Levanski Convention Center.