(or LM) is a long-distance railway line, bulit in March and April 2018 by ParrotAntics, with an assistance of AlphaSkyRaider and KrebsLovesFiesh, connecting eastern parts of Eston Post with further eastern lands, intended to provide access for players to future construction sites in Regions 5 and 6.

The name of the line was chosen to commemorate StudioLucek44, the first well known Polish Unterganger, who started making Downfall parodies in 2007.


The line runs through various altitudes, and most of the route consists of underground passages in 3x3 cuboid tunnels. Crossing rivers or lakes is possible due to 3-blocks wide bridges with cross-shaped pillars. The initial (L1 - L7) part of the line was mostly powered by redstone blocks instead of torches (used between first station and first major turn), which was criticized by other players. Between L6 and L7 stations and on the section between L9 and L11 stations the line is a single track powered by torches. From April to May the line went through upgrade, where 1-track sections were replaced by 2-track sections, and all pass-through stations, originaly bulit as 1-track, has been rebulit to a form of turnouts.

All station bulidings (except terminal stations and some other pass-through stations,) are shaped in cuboid form, with glass celling and water tubs on the rows, and redstone lamps on the floor, except the platforms, which are made of stone and wood, other stone or teracotta. All station entrances (except L1 and L7) are blocked by gates and are opened by pressure plates.

Some stations are rebuilt by Sanostonburg Railway Authority (Ugultu) with permission of ParrotAntics.


RRC Treno-Lucek diagram

Diagram of the line (green), as for January 2018


Alongside with terminal stations, the line consisted of 20 stations Due to chunk regeneration of 19th and 20th station area only 18 stations are now operational, further two are to be redesigned.

Emblem Name (Location) Co-ordinates (X-Z axis) Type Notes Status
LM 1 Eston International

(Eston Post)

Terminus see page Original
LM 2 Breakthrough (highlands) Pass-through Rebuilt
LM 3 Jollyfish (highlands) Pass-through Rebuilt
LM 4 Piglet's Hideout (highlands) Pass-through Rebuilt
LM 5 Tagor, formerly Dolfy's Fields Interchange Interchange with Forklich Main Line and Cougar Line. Rebuilt (original building preserved)
LM 6 Almsfeld, formerly Fegel Icy Castle (ice biome) Pass-through Rebuilt
LM 7 Wolfpine, formerly Basilisk (snow biome, near randomly generated igloo) Pass-through Rebuilt
LM 8 Exeter, formerly Lucek's Pit (snow biome) Interchange Interchange with Snow Leopard line. Rebuilt
LM 9 Hell (forest biome) 6666-666 Pass-through This underground station is named like this because it's center coordinates are X:6666 Y:66 Z:666. Provides access to Nether via portal on southern platform.  Rebuilt
LM 10 Fegelein (lowlands) Pass-through Rebuilt
LM 11 Yellowsubmarine (ocean biome) Pass-through This station is an underwater station, has an observation deck with the view of the yellow submarine.  Rebuilt
LM 12 Grey Hills (midlands) Pass-through Industrial district station of Tarrantia, looks like a small factory from outside. Rebuilt
LM 13 Tarrantia (lowlands, NPC village) Interchange Interchange with Forklich Main Line and Rail of Final Answer. Automatic de-boarding system installed for Rail of Final Answer and FML. Rebuilt
LM 14 Syncope (forest biome, NPC village) Pass-through Planned concert hall. Original
LM 15 Sanostonburg Constance, formerly Tobruk Interchange SRA HQ and double-building station complex. Rebuilt
LM 16 Fegelstable (forest biome) Pass-through Planned horse racing track. Rebuilt
LM 17 Uterus (highlands) Pass-through Rebuilt
LM 18 Dinnertime (lowlands / forest biome) Interchange Interchange with Ocean Line and Far West Express Line (terminus). Rebuilt
LM 19 To be defined
LM 20 To be defined


Code Station name Coordinates Type Notes
LML-1 Eastern Observatory Station Terminus Replaced with Eston International.
Dorklich International Airport, formerly Chicktato (Dorklich downtown, forest biome) Interchange Removed during chunk regeneration, station building preserved.
Dorklich LML, formerly Port Lucek (lowlands, NPC village) 10515-1825 Interchange Removed during chunk regeneration, station building preserved as exhibit.
LML-21 Sanostonburg Sacramento Terminus Added in August 2018. Station connected to depot maintained by SRA. Disconnected after chunk regeneration.
Not counted as stations
N/A Dalek Junction Branch Post Interchange with connector to Dorklich Central. Demolished due to DC teardown.


Current State

Interim Era

Early Development Stage (7-stop era)


  • Stations' names are mostly based on English translations of Polish phrases and titles used in Lucek's parodies.
    • Breakthrough is a literal translation of Wyłom, a title of Lucek's short film satire on Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and Polish political system, released in 2012.
    • English counterpart of Polish phrase warchlak is piglet.
    • Jollyfish station was to be named Jolly Fish (pol. Wesoła Rybka, translation to English based on Jolly Roger term), but it was changed after Krebs' intervention of sign tables placement.
    • Basilisk (pol. Bazyliszek) was meant to be a translation of Jaszczur (lit. eng. The Lizard), a nickname given by Polish Untergangers to Joseph Goebbels.
    • Uterus is a reference to favourite Lucek's parody Goebbels' meal - a uterus, served on many ways (cooked, roasted, used as pizza ingredient etc).
  • The exceptions in this naming are for example: Yellowsubmarine (derived from the title of The Beatles' song), Tarrantia (named after Chris Tarrant, the first host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? game show), Syncope (incorrectly derived from a musical term syncopation), Chicktato (loosely based on Vj Dominion's song Tuskotronic) and Tobruk (one of Libyan cities).
  • Originally, the line consisted of 7 stops, but after short discussion, ParrotAntics decided to extend the line to 20 stops, and Krebs rebulit the Basilisk into a pass-through station.
  • Due to AlphaSkyRaider's demand, Dorklich terminal station was located 10515 blocks east from point zero (0x 0z). Sane decision is to be made with main station of Falkenheim.
  • KrebsLovesFiesh built a variant of the line, that serves as an express line, having lower amount of stops. This variant is finished and originally consisted of 7 total stops with a terminus at the Mesa biome beyond Dorklich. In August 2018 it was shortened to Dinnertime, and even further, to Tarrantia, in November.