The Village of Luminosity (Johnston in the transit network) is a town that used to be developed by procrastinator, but, in late August 2014, he renounced control over it, a control which tudor gladly took. It is part of the Unterganger City, located east of the Old Town with a wall marking the border. It's also the successor of the former East Village that once stood on its grounds. To the east is Saltshore. The port to the north serves as the City's major port on the Baldic Sea coast.

The town is currently a work in progress and around half way complete. Construction was restarted with the construction of the city's town hall.


  • Java monument: Built by procrastinator, to commemorate the Java programming language. It is in the shape of a giant steaming coffee cup (the Java logo)
  • Apartment buildings: Built by procrastinator. They are where the population of Luminosity live. To conserve space, there are only 2 apartment buildings, connected via a tunnel above the street.
  • Fountain: Just a big fountain.
  • Port: Replacing the old port (now in shambles) near the Victor Building, it features a tall lighthouse, warehouses, wharves, boats, a bazaar, and a port authority building.
  • Station: Connecting Luminosity to the transit network. It is a small building, built similarly to the apartment buildings.
  • Town hall: Built by tudor. It features an information desk, a council chamber(nicknamed by tudor the Luminosity House of Lords, since he was inspired by an old picture of the House of Lords), a queue to meet the mayor, a secretarial office, the mayor's office, and, near the mayor office, a stairway, leading to the mayor's apartments.
  • Japanese houses: Built by Molster. This was originally built outside of Luminosity's wall, which was partly demolished. It consists of a small bungalow and a rental apartment. Not really considered part of Luminosity depending on who you ask.
  • Commercial building: Built by Molster. Features a Dokkiri Mart on the ground floor - the first of its franchise. Above is Gunma Detective Agency and Gunma's residence. Overall the building is a parody of Detective Mouri's place in Detective Conan. As with the Japanese houses this is outside Luminosity depending on who you ask.
  • American Girl Place: Built by KitKittredge. Located on land adjacent to Luminosity.
  • The Doron: Built by procrastinator. A restaurant in Luminosity. Noted to be 100% fully kosher approved.