Server operator
General Information
Minecraft Name MTM
Unterganger Name MisterTalkingMachine
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Nationality Chilean
Joined June 2013

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"Okay, that didn't work out as I expected."

MTM (YouTube name: MisterTalkingMachine) is a regular player on the UMS, who first joined soon after the server opened for the first time. He usually builds some massive structures and intricate circuits (Redstone clusterfucks, as Molster refers to them) and his biggest and most complex creation is the Victor Building in the old city. Along with Molster, he contributes to the expansion of the Rail Transit Network, he himself laying the first tracks of what would become the Southern Line.

MTM's prison cell

No one has been to prison more times than MTM.

Titles include: KT's advisor, Prisoner N° 1 and CEO of the Victor Talking Machine Co. of Unterganger City.


After joining the server in its early days, MTM's works, though small in number, included various pioneer achievements. He soon began expanding the single railway that was already present. With branch lines, switches and stations, it settled the base for what would become the Rail Transit Network.

Then he began an ambitious plan for what was the most colossal structure ever attempted in its day -The Victor building-. The massive factory was carefully laid, requiring a hill to be removed and flattened by hand, and taking roughly half a year to complete, even with help from other players. Fellow players believed it would not be completed before new year's eve, but it was finished just in time.

Soon after he became talented with redstone, being one of the, if not the one, most acclaimed redstone engineers of the server, along with Molster. One of his more notable creations was the Grand Clock, a big and bizarre contraption that tells the time. Besides it's crude apearance, it has proven more reliable than a newer, more sophisticated and more aesthetically appealing clock.

For a long time MTM was a Server Operator. With the operator privileges, he created a new way of travelling, that made the ability to teleport available to the general players. However, his weird sense of humour, and two server downtimes caused by his experiments costed him many trips to the Athyras jailhouse, and finally, to be stripped of his operator powers. From then on, MTM kept playing as a normal player, though sometimes he is given operator powers for brief periods of time, to help fellow players with his experience with command blocks.

On early 2015, MTM's computer suffered both a virus infection and a meltdown. This has prevented him from playing since then.

On March 24th, 2018, roughly three years after his departure, MTM finally returned to the UMS after around three years of hiatus. His return was caused due to his gorillaz shitposting community, Melancholy Hell, investigating his past.

MTM's epic fail

Okay, that didn't work out as I expected.</nowiki>

MTM doing his job properly

"Ah, finally. I got it right."

Since then he has restored some of the functionality of the Teleporter Station and helped some other players flattening land and cloning buildings in Morioh. Although he didn't do a really good job of cloning the building without screwing up several times. Many trees was murdered in the process.

Structures built

In game habits

  • MTM would rather help someone build something than build something on his own.
  • He uses ladders both connecting floors and in roofs.
  • He normally places random houses in far places for other used to find.
  • Stuff he builds normally includes at least one jukebox, and sometimes leaves them in random far places.
  • He normally places minecarts in abandoned railways around the city, mostly minecarts with furnace, and boats in small water patches.
  • Sometimes builds hidden stuff in far places, caves, and under water too.
  • Whenever he finds a dungeon, he will likely dig it out and put a glass window over it as a display with colored wool or red sand for visibility.
  • Also, he used to remove TNT from desert temples and replace them with a command block that would tell a random message to whoever lands on the plate, he was the one who started giving unterganger names to temples.
  • Filling holes with water.