MTM's house is an old stylish building in the Old Town of Unterganger City. It is located at the end of Putin steet, next to the old HoF temple and close to DA's Castle.

UMS MTM's house

MTM's House

The house was built on a small hill with little flattening, made mainly of bricks, wood and quartz, (this includes blocks, slabs and stairs). It has a grand entrance with four doors, a chandelier and a dragon egg on display outside, two big windows on the front and various smaller ones on the other sides. Its roof is made out of stairs with a flat top.

The house was the first known building damaged by the Rogue Chunk Event, and was also damaged by the vanishing blocks event, which deleted some stained glass panes from the front chandelier.


  • The house has two floors, but the second, made of quartz, doesn't totally cover the view to the first floor.
  • MTM placed a big Chilean flag on the ceiling.
  • It features MTM's impressive furniture collection, featuring: his bed, various jukeboxes, a small lava pit, a small pool, an Ender portal, three quartz tables, paintings, chests, and ender chest and a radio among other stuff.
  • The house was the first to have its own Minecart station.
  • There is a hidden club under MTM's house, built by tudor, in a small cave where there used to be a lake. Named, rather fittingly, "Club Under-MTM's-Home" it features a wide dance floor, a DJ stand, and a bar. It has also an entrance to a rather deep cave.