The MTM DeGrasse Tyson observatory is a building on the Unterganger Minecraft Server, built by MTM. It is located on a tall cliff adjacent Viktoria, accessed by a road and a stairway cut in the stone.

It looks like a standard observatory, with a telescope and an opened dome, staffed by a villager named "Astronomer". On the spot where the observatory stands today, there were once some beacons placed by MTM to mark the spot, which were destroyed.

Tudor suggested the name, it being a portmanteau of its builder and the astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The observatory is connected to Viktoria by a stone road and stairs carved on the hill. The top of the hill is provided of automatic lamps that turn on at night, though they can be disabled from a lever inside the observatory to avoid light pollution of the night sky.

There is a tiny pink house built on the top of an adjacent hill. This has led some to believe the observatory's telescope is actually pointed at the house instead. It turns out that the whole assembly was inspired by a Pink Panther episode Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Pink, and the house is actually obstructing the sky view from the telescope.