Various forms of map renders had existed throughout the server's life.

UMS Map Renders

UMS renders new homepage

The site's former homepage design

Map Renders was a website created by Molster exclusively for image renders of the Unterganger Minecraft Server world. Opened on May 2014, it was maintained by Molster, who also had direct access to UMS's server files courtesy of server owner procrastinator (Johnnomonster).

The site offered two render modes:

  • top-down render, using Molster's custom viewer that support tile maps from TOGoS' Minecraft Map Renderer and megasys' uNmINeD 2D render
  • isometric render, using mcmapDZ (which in turn uses mcmap)

Overviewer was considered for isometric render but was abandoned due to performance issues on rendering and total output size.

The renders werescheduled for update around the middle of each month. The top-down render may receive additional updates on some regions.

On 16 November 2014 Molster nuked the old site at due to glitches with the web host. A new site was shortly registered at and an ad-hoc top-down render page is put up. Isometric renders were put up some time later, though still on ad-hoc basis. The site finally received a proper homepage on 29 December 2014.


The Topdown Render was Molster's custom tile viewer, originally based on the generated HTML from TOGoS's render, which added a lot of features over time. It includeed:

  • Pointer and center coordinates
  • Zoom and pan
  • Grid display
  • Distance measurement
  • Revision system allowing for loading of many render tile maps (but one at a time) without reloading page
  • Markers, separated and toggleable by groups/types
  • Per-browser custom markers, as well as the ability to edit, import and export them
  • Support for uNmINeD render as well as the original TOGoS' render
  • Tip of The Day


  • The iso map render page doesn't support finger gestures (e.g. swipe and pinch-zoom) on touch-enabled displays.
  • The Topdown render will not display correctly for mobile browsers.

Later renders

After Molster's Departure, RDPIsOnCrack took the responsibility to create new renders. He used to exclusively render topdown maps, however he has now figured out how to render isometric maps as well. After hosting on a multitude of unreliable free hosts, RDP finally purchased his own website to use for multiple purposes (one of which was to host the server maps) and has moved the maps there. Currently, after RDP's departure, NerdieSanders is the current maintainer of the renders.

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