"Welcome to MasterBasters, reader; if you enjoy our products sign up and become a MasterBaster today!"
―MasterBasters' entry message
MasterBasters is a chain of shops within the Unterganger Minecraft Server, ostensibly focusing on turkey basters. The original store was created by tudor around Saltshore , and quickly became a gag amongst server players due to its loud entry message, which broadcasts to the entire server whenever someone entered its confines, causing amusement due to the shop's punny name. Around 1 AM Eastern European Summer Time, on the 9th of August 2018, MasterBasters inaugurated its second branch in Kovansberg, featuring new basters and the old gimmick; proving just as popular as ever.

The amusement/embarassment the shop generates is compounded by its contents; fence posts and other upright blocks like walls or end rods, supposedly representing turkey basters but coming across as something more suggestive. Adding to that are the "model names" each component presents, being composed in such ways as to resemble names given to certain privately-used implements.

The store chain also features a subscription service, where you can not only get the products delivered to your home but members (referred to as MasterBasters or as Premium MasterBasters) can also test certain baster models before distribution. Player AlphaSkyRaider became one of the first known players to get awarded a MasterBasters subscription.