Msgboard map in hand

The message board map item in hand, with the canvas visible in the background.

The Message Board is a public message board where players can leave a public message. It consists of a giant canvas measuring 128 x 128 blocks which was then mapped to a map item (map #301). The canvas is centered on (256, 2176), over the surface of a sea to the south. Framed map items displaying the message board can be found throughout the server world.

The way the board works is explained by Minecrafter and MindCracker SethBling in this video, and is implemented on the server world by Molster with MTM's help. Messages are made by drawing them on the giant canvas, similar to building a pixel art, and then updating the associated map item by holding them in the hand while standing on (or being above) the canvas.

The message board can also auto-erase messages a few rows of blocks at a time using command blocks riding on activator rails placed along the top edge of the main message area, but only Molster (before he was banned) and MTM (before he was de-opped) were reserved the right to use it. This mechanism, however, has been superseded by a row of command blocks set to /fill a row of blocks with air, a command introduced in Minecraft 1.8 (the older mechanism uses /setblock introduced in 1.7.2).

When posting a message, the following etiquettes must be observed:

  • Each line of text must be 5 blocks high
  • There must be a minimum of 2 blocks between lines
  • No obscenities
  • Update the map item each time after a message is written or removed
  • As the message board is now full, ask for an op's permission before removing an existing line of text to make room for new messages.
    • OP's note: Remove the oldest post on the board.

Additional care must be taken as to not build structures inside the canvas area not intended to appear in the map item. This include teleporters and item frames holding the map item itself. These must be placed outside the canvas area.



  • There is a cafe under the coat of arms, called the Heraldry Cafe.
  • The message board header is spelled "massages" - this is an intended pun by Molster.
  • kimilil added a Windows 9x taskbar across the bottom on 8-9 August 2018, which NerdieSanders decided to keep.
  • By 18 November 2018 (after a render update) the board was found to be filled with spam. Ugultu admits of putting most (if not all) of the extraneous texts.