Molster's private beach, as the name implies, is Molster's beach property, located north of the Old Town and overlooking the Baldic Sea. Away from the shoreline, the rest of the property is filled with a patch of trees, which originally filled a larger area stretching all the way to the spawn area. It is the place for Molster's earliest builds - the beach-side house. As the first person to take dibs on the area, Molster forbids anyone from trespassing, and entrances to others are on invitation basis.

Facilities on the property (beside the house) include a drinks booth, a bonfire, a beach ball court, a toilet, a kiddy pool and a redstone-controlled fireworks launcher.

The property is bordered to the north and east by the Baldic Sea and to the west by a manually-dug water channel, across which is the Slender Forest National Park grounds. While the southern border of the property is clearly marked by fences, MTM while building the Victor Building is unaware of it, and asked Molster for permission. In building the Victor building, the original access path which ran along the river bank had to be rerouted across the River Spree and back over two bridges. The rerouting eventually inspired Molster to build the Malay Old Town on the land covered by the path in between the bridges. This path, originally starting near the bridge to Hue Island, is the first of what would become Unterganger City's street grid.