Molster & Procrastinator monument
Molster & Procrastinator monument
The monument's display, showing number 1.
General Information
Type Monument
Location Near 20EuroCent pyramid
Built by MTM
“To the techies that fixed the First Server Downtime

The Molster & Procrastinator monument is a big structure built by MTM, dedicated to said players, who found the definitive fix for the First Server Downtime.

The monument consists of a redstone based 4 bit automated counter (Counts from 0 to 15 in Binary), what is a reference to Molster and Procrastinator being both computing enthusiasts.

It is located on top of a hill close to the 20EuroCent pyramid.


The device has a 40x9 block 0-1 display filled with water in the front, a 22 block wide cage at the back of the display contains all the redstone mechanism, which can be divided in 4 sections, one for each bit, and each section in three parts, the memory, the display driver and the display mechanism. a simple repeater clock gives pulses for the device to count. The top of the cage is made of glass so the big redstone device's circuitry can be easily appreciated.


  • It was nicknamed "the Lagatron 5000" by tudor.