Molster Monorail Line station numbering sign

First logo of the railway, created by KrebsLovesFiesh

The Molster Monotrack (or MM, Molster Line or Molster Monorail, previously known as Pablito Line) is a newly built single-track railway, operated entirely by Redstone Railway Company. It was created by ParrotAntics and Ugultu. It's main purpose is connecting city of Los Vipleros with 3 NPC vllages located south from it.


Entire line is single-track and is separated from surrounding with slabs. Elevated sections are supported by pillars, that also serve as hiding spots for redstone torches. Characteristic aspect is that the line changes it's elevation only twice. All stations (except first terminus) are built as turnouts and their architecture resembles their location, Other characteristic aspect is that viaducts and tunnels of the line built in desert biomes are entirely made from sandstone, while other biomes got viaducts made from stonebrick and concrete tunnels.


Number of order Name Type Notes
1 Los Vipleros Cordis Terminus Built by Ugultu. Interchange with unnamed line to Fodania.
2 De Mono Pass-through Built by PA. Track switches included.
3 Drisden Pass-through Built by PA, name chosen by KrebsLovesFiesh. Track switches included
4 Los Cremos Terminus Built by PA. Automatic deboarding system installed.


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