“Dedicated to all the rants, hair-pullings & desk bangings resulted from poor framerates and network lag.”
UMS monumental lag monument

The Monumental Lag Monument is a monument built by Molster. It is a tribute to the property of lag spurts and high latency experienced by players in Unterganger Minecraft Server, specifically himself, especially before the migration to dedicated hosting.

Molster considered himself to be the worst off in terms of network ping where data caps haunts him for most of the month. The 1.7.4 Minecraft launcher update later added severe graphics lag to his ordeal, making playing on the server unbearable and almost impossible.

To this, Molster decided to build a monument for it. He acquired the site soon after procrastinator's last of the vanity torture contraptions, the furnace, was demolished. Several designs were contemplated by Molster, some include a giant screw with a "Screw this!" text pixel art, while others call for command block carts around the perimeter ceaselessly activated to summon fireworks (which ironically would have put more lag to Molster for what he's having). The final design is the table-flipping meme featuring Steve.

Throughout its construction, Molster was helped by MTM, who earlier built the Gramophone sculpture earlier, beside this monument.

The structure is one of the few that fell victim to the Block Vanishing Event, where the dark oak stairs used to form the table legs vanished.