Morin Khot
Morin Khot
Coat of arms of Morin Khot
General Information
Name Morin Khot
Type Savages camp
Inspired by Vaes Dothrak (Game of Thrones)
Region Inner Southwest
Transit (Templer Line)
Khal (Mayor) Fegelein1906

Morin Khot (Mongolian for Horse City) is a town/savages camp built by player Fegelein1906. Morin Khot is inspired by the fictional city Vaes Dothrak in Game of Thrones. Vaes Dothrak is the holy lands of the Dothraki (horselords) and the only place where these warriors have tents and huts permanently set up. The town has some elements of Mongolian/Central Asian architecture.

What makes this town unique from the other towns is that Morin Khot is a savages camp in which not all buildings are fully symmetrical and some buildings could even be considered 'messy'. Furthermore the main building block that is used is brown wool.


Morin Khot's most noteable place of interest can be found on top of the mountain. There are stairs leading to the top where players will find a big horse statue, and a temple. There also is a small pit where sacrifices can be made to the Great Stallion. The Great Stallion is an undead horse at the bottom of the sacrifice pit where blood stains (redstone dust) and skeleton heads can be found.

The huts and tents in Morin Khot do not use any beds. Instead, hay bales and black carpet is used to make beds. the black carpet is in some cases also used as seats and is supposed to represent pelts.

The camp has amongst others 3 regular tents, a big chief's tent, a mage tent and stables.


  • The city it is inspired on is built on holy lands where no blood can be shed, while Morin Khot has redstone dust, representing blood, spread throughout the camp.
  • The mage tent was originally built as the chief's tent but later a bigger tent was built to serve as the chief's tent.
  • The mage tent was moved using the /clone command, and this was Fegelein1906's first successful attempt at using this command.