Mtskheta and Erchmiadzin are two towns, to be built by tudor in the North-Eastern region,somewhat south of Winterholme Keep. Mtskheta is located in the more hilly part of the land claimed, while Erchmiadzin is located to the south of it. The styles are: Georgian (for Mtskheta) and Armenian (for Erchmiadzin).

The towns serve as a "Little Georgia" and a "Little Armenia". They are planned to be built within close proximity to one another,reflecting the border of the actual countries. Mtskheta was conceived to contain a replica of the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, while Erchmiadzin to contain the cathedral with the same name.

Construction is currently progressing at a variable pace, and, in a way reflecting Mtskheta's actual status as one of the oldest continuously inhabited towns, it is being built first. Given the size of the claimed land and the need to lay out a suitable street plan, it might take a while until they are completed.