The NPC Union was the first sort of union on the UMS between players. It consisted of Nerdington's Canabai, RDPIsOnCrack's Port Random, CoLDe84's CoLDe Lands, and AlphaSkyRaider's Newport.


The NPC Union was first suggested in December 2015 after Old Newport was completed and Little Saigon had a political uprising. After much deliberation between Nerdington, RDPIsOnCrack, AlphaSkyRaider, and QuestionTues_FTW, the NPC Union was established on December 9, 2015.

The founding members were Newport, Port Random, and Canabai (hence the union's name). CoLDe84 joined the union on December 10, 2015, representing the CoLDe Lands.

In February 2016, Newport was annexed into Canabai after much discussion between AlphaSkyRaider and Nerdington.

After huge inactivity between members, especially due to AlphaSkyRaider's retirement and CoLDe84's dormancy, the union was dissolved on June 29, 2016.


The union's purpose was mainly symbiotic, with members of the union helping other members. This can be anything from helping to build something to supplying needed materials in dire situations.

Former Members