Here are the naming schemes employed by several players on the Unterganger Minecraft Server.

NPC villages

Some villages are named for their location relative to the original Unterganger City. These include East Village, Southville, Weston and Eston Post. Usually Molster follow this practice.

A few villages are named after a signature mob. Horseville and Cowville are thus named after the plentiful number of the corresponding mobs that spawned near or even inside the village boundary. Only Molster has used this naming schemes.

Some villages are named ad-hoc so that they have a name, mostly for the purpose of naming rail stations. Niggersville was named by Molster after this fashion, but later changed to Negusville.

Desert and jungle temples

All desert and jungle temples are named after YouTuber-Untergangers. This practice was started by MTM and followed by other players, particularly Molster. The list of these temples can be found here.


Unterganger City

Streets at the core of Unterganger City are mostly expanded from trails by Molster and have two naming schemes:

  • Roads aligned North-South are named after something Russian (e.g. Engels Street, Marx Street, Snowden Street, Tukhachevsky Avenue)
  • Roads aligned East-West have names related to Unterganging. Examples:
    • Luminosity Road - a play on procrastinator's affinity to HUE (the Brazilian hue as well as the colour aspect)
    • Cheese, Mustard and Meatball Streets - named after foods associated with Untergangers DictatorAntics, mfaizsyahmi and JennieParker87 respectively
    • Katy Street - nickname of Hans_Krebs

Roads further away from the city center however no longer follow this naming scheme.


Athyras has no street naming scheme, and none of its streets are currently named.


Southville is the only NPC village to have its streets named. They're named after the Twelve Tribes of Israel, in conjunction with its reputed nickname Jewville.