The village as viewed from above, with a small section of Pasanauri in the distance

Negusville (formerly Niggersville) is a small NPC village north of Unterganger City. Apart from the village well, it only consisted of a blacksmith and two butcheries. The village is accessed by the Rail Transit Network's North and Tudor Lines. The village is also an important junction, where the line goes on to Old Newport, Horseville, and Cowville on one end and branches off to the Hitler pixel art and the steamer line on the other.

The original name was picked by Molster in order to have a name for the station on the transit network diagram. Molster later changed the name to Negusville, Negus being the title of the king in Ethiopia, while also pronounced the same the old name. Most players, however, still refer to the village as the original name; the RTN Lines still label the station that serves the village as Niggersville. Interestingly, two out of three buildings in Negusville are butchers' houses.

Pasanauri, Buntington and Viktoria are towns built near Negusville, and although both now outsized the NPC village, Negusville do receive some additions - apart from the train station a watermelon farm and a fried chicken restaurant has been built. All these towns are interlinked with cobblestone roads and together form what is called by Tudor and Molster the Northern Region.