Neo's avatar
General Information
Minecraft Name ThomasAAnderson
Nickname(s) Alxtra, Xendle, ThomasAAnderson, Bawlsaq, kaicen
Nationality Italian
Joined April 2018

Neo was a player on the UMS. He is well-known for building Zion. He got banned in 5th of August, 2018 for various reasons, including constant drama.


  • Zion (demolished)
  • Unterganger Cave (abandoned)
  • Dungeon of MLP Characters in Eston Post (sealed)

Why he is dangerous

  • Shares personal data across the internet without the permission of the origin (Ex: Neo shared CloroxDrinkYT's personal information like for example, the irl name)
  • Tries to convince people that he is the good guy
  • Tries to access the UMS through contacting different hackers

What to do then you see him

  • Block him
  • Report information if needed