Server owner
Nerdington and Fegelein1906
Nerdington (in the slime head) with Fegelein1906.
General Information
Minecraft Name NerdieSanders
Nickname(s) Ned, Nerd, Nerdie, NERDIE FUCKING SANDERS
Unterganger Name Nerdington
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Nationality Vietnamese-American
Joined July 2015

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NerdieSanders (formerly Nerdington), also known as Ned is a player, OP, and current server owner of the Unterganger Minecraft Server, who joined simultaneously with Jawado116 in early Summer 2015.

Nerdington immediately became one of the most regular players on the server; his projects include his own country called Canabai, situated west of Athyras; an underwater town named Baldaqua in the Baldic Sea; and numerous other buildings scattered across the server.

Some notable builds he made outside of Canabai during his first year are some of the World Trade Center buildings, based on real-life skyscrapers in World Trade Center in New York City; Menschbahn Tower in Athyras, and more.

Nerdie is one of most experienced person with infrastructure in the server, especially with his contributions in the UMS Highway System and the Canabai National Railways.


  • Before he was an OP, he prefered to dig in survival with Efficiency V shovels.
  • He doesn't like eternal day, and has tried to persuade several OPs to completely remove it. After becoming an OP himself, he sometimes use unlimited night vision without particles for himself when necessary.
  • Nerdie is known to be advisors of many builds and projects outside of his own projects, namely Morioh. He is mostly strict about how the builds turn out. After the new rise of the eastern cities, he has tried to take a hands-off approach to the matters.