Not to be confused with Old Newport.

Newport is a district of Canabai being built by Nerdington and formerly AlphaSkyRaider, with help from QuestionTues_FTW and RDPIsOnCrack.



The site that is now Newport was originally Molster's WIP town of Kuching, modeled after the capital of the Kingdom of Sarawak, of the White Rajah fame. The site has been cleared, general town layout has been marked and several buildings have been built e.g. the town prison and some shop buildings.


Newport was originally a city that was to be built by AlphaSkyRaider and QuestionTues_FTW, after their first project of Old Newport. However, despite being a part of the former NPC Union, Newport was left undeveloped, as AlphaSkyRaider was banned for 6 weeks, and QuestionTues_FTW left the server temporarily.

After Alpha was unbanned, he determined that Newport would have no future considering the pace it was taking, so he asked Nerdington to make Newport a district of Canabai. Nerdington agreed, and QT left the Newport project shortly after.

The district has since grown significantly, with the new area of it being built, as well as connections to Port Random and the Pierre Poutine International Airport from the train station. The Old Town was also demolished, and replaced with the Newport Fort.

However, development came to a halt after Alpha retired from UMS and the community as a whole. He came back in January 2017 and made a few more buildings. Nerdington has since added to Newport in general.

University of Canabai was built to the west of Newport after Nerdington drained the swamp there and extended the highways.