OCB secret chamber
The Order of Creepers and Bonemeal (OCB) is a secret society on the Unterganger Minecraft Server. Some believe that this organization has secret meeting chambers spread throughout many towns and cities. Rumours have it that the organization was founded by player Fegelein1906, though no one knows for sure. It is also unclear who the members are of this organization.

Induction ceremony

In leaked documents a script was found of how players are inducted. The Grand Master of the order asks questions to the inductee to which he or she has to answer "I do."

The leaked induction ceremony:

"Do you swear to uphold the principles of our Order, and all that for which we stand?

-I do.

And never share our secrets nor divulge the true nature of our work?

-I do.

And do so until death -- whatever the cost?

-I do.

Then we welcome you into our fold, brother. You are now a Boneral, harbinger of a New Craft. May the creeper of Redstone guide us!"

Goals of the order

Though the goals of the order are unknown, conspiracy theorists believe the order is seeking to have influence and power. The theorists believe they try to achieve this through variating ways, some through wealth(financing servers) and others through knowledge, such as redstone.


  • This organization is presumably currently inactive due to the inactivity of the players involved.