UMS Romanian Town

A view of the village. Eragoth is visible in the distance.

Pădurea Craivii, (meaning Craivii's Forest), is a village-in-construction, by tudor. It is built to resemble a traditional Romanian village.


The village is located in the forest near the Unterganger City Airport. The ShomPod Pig Race Circuit, the first player-built structure in the area, has a small section in the same forest. Later on Fegelein1906 started on his village called Eragoth nearby Craivii, in the neighbouring swamp biome.

Construction and planned structures

The construction was started on the 9th of April, with a wooden church based on the one in Sârbi Josani, with some modifications. Then, a târg was built near it (târg, or iarmaroc, being a traditional fair), with "booths" for the trade of animals and produce, and a "stage". After that, a hunter cabin and a graveyard were added. On a nearby hill, a boier palace (Boier=boyar, landowning nobleman in Wallachia and Moldavia) has been built. Downhill from it, a tax collector's office was built, along with two houses and an inn.

The town, along with Eragoth, is serviced by the Craivii-Eragoth Station on the Templer line.

Planned structures:

  • Farmlands
  • More houses
  • Embassy to Fegelein1906's village


  • The graveyard is set apart from the others due to the fact that tudor buried double chests (some of them even having a skull and diverse bones) inside them, to simulate coffins.