Server operator
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General Information
Minecraft Name ParrotAntics
Nickname(s) PA, Parrot, Parrit, Prt., ParrOOFt, Parold, Par, Dalek Fegel, cockatiel lover, d a l e k, parot, Mariusz Max Kolonko, constantly thinking Supreme Dalek
Unterganger Name ParrotAntics
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Nationality Polish
Joined March 18th, 2018

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ParrotAntics Borutz

PA's Minecraft avatar behind building of FML-4 Borutz station made by him on September 2018.

ParrotAntics' (well known as PA) is a player on Unterganger Minecraft Server, who joined the server on March 8th, 2018. He was sentenced in May 2018 for participation in the cow spawning incident in the area of Dorklich International Airport. He became a server operator on August 5th 2018.


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