Dzala ertobashia (Unity makes strength)
Pasanauri, seen from the Lord Protector's Mansion.
Flag of Georgia
Flag of Pasanauri (based on flag of Georgia)
General Information
Name Pasanauri
Region Inner North
Transit N3 Pasanauri/Buntington
Lord Protector (Mayor) Tudor

Pasanauri, originally named Pentos, is a town in the Unterganger Minecraft Server, originally planned by Hans_Krebs, but taken over by tudor. It is located just north of the Baldic Sea, immediately east of the Pontifex Bridge's northern end.

It is different from other towns because, for one, the main building material are bricks, instead of the ubiquitous wood found in towns like Pădurea Craivii, Eragoth, or Deepwood Motte, or the sandstone found in Saltshore.

The town sports the first working redstone-powered toll booths, built by Molster as part of the Pontifex Bridge's facilities. The town is also served by the RT North Line with a newly-built train station. A Minecart Museum is located nearby, built into the hill to its north. In a hill to the south-east, in the direction of Mabula's Tower, Molster built, with tudor's approval, a small octogonally-shaped fort, connected to the main town via a cobblestone road.

The flag of Pasanauri is the same as the first flag of Georgia, first used during its brief independence in 1920, then readopted after the fall of the USSR, being kept until the election of Saakashvili, when the current one was adopted, the sole difference being that the flag of Pasanauri has a darker red, and the black and white bands being slightly longer.


  • The town, since its inception by Hans_Krebs, is to twin with another settlement of undetermined style on the other side of the Bridge, and that settlement was to be built by Molster. The settlement has been named Buntington, and the architectural style is Tudor England-style (England being added to discern between the style and the player of the same name.
  • Inspired by the title "Town Master of Eragoth", tudor thought about making a similar title for himself, applying to Pasanauri. He eventually settled on "Lord Protector of Pasanauri", "Lord Protector" being the title used by Oliver Cromwell when he was in power.
  • Initially, the town wasn't based on any real world town or country, but, later on, Tudor began to liken it to the country of Georgia, giving diverse structures Georgian names "Erekle Giorgi, Tskhinvali..." and adopting the lari (IRL the currency of Georgia) as its currency.