The Polan Line is a independent railway in the far south, built by both Tudor and Molster.


After the construction of Polan Park, Tudor decided it had to be tied in a way to the Rail Transit Network. He laid down tracks from a little station near the park cabin up until a spot very near the Outer Line. Given that he didn't wish to f*ck it up, he decided to leave the building of the interchange station to Molster, which he did.

Sometime later, while Molster was exploring around the far south, he found a village and a means of accessing the Message Board. So, he decided to expand the Polan Line to the west, the line now terminating near the Message Board instead of the park itself. The park station was given a redstone switch similar to the one at the Soalric Pyramid station, allowing users of the network to access the area without expanding the station.