The Polan Park, also known as the Polandball Preserve, is a build on the UMS by tudor, located in the far south of the UMS world.


Tudor got the idea for doing this as a response to the now-defunct chat's new policy of "polandballs in moderation", although the project was somewhat stalled until one early morning, when his mother was away and he woke up and played on the UMS. He started work by first finding a suitable location where it wouldn't be found too easily, anticipating a negative reaction from Molster.

It is composed of a large fenced-in area, where the polandballs are standing, in diverse locations, some huddled together, some separate. He also built a dock near it, and a road in the colors of the flag of Poland leading from it to the entrance to the fenced-in area. Near the entrance is a cabin, where the rules for visiting the place stand. It is connected to the Rail Transit Network by the Outer Line Polan Park station, which facilitates a change to the Polan Line, which leads from the station to the entrance of the fenced-in area, its tracks being laid down by tudor.

Current status

Right now, the park's growth reached a standstill, given that tudor was busy with other commitments. But, as is the case with all of his builds, tudor still visits it ocassionally and may add to it in the future.