Port Random Transit Network was a rail system built by RDPIsOnCrack, and once completed, will be the second largest rail system in the UMS. The Port Random network can be split between two systems: the City Rail System, which includes the subway and light rail system inside the city; and the Metro Rail System, which is the commuter rail network.

On October 14, 2018, NerdieSanders took over the organization as part of his acquisition of Port Random and gradually dismantle it to rebuild a more efficient system.



Compared to the Rail Transit Network, the City Rail system was more simplistic. Stations were closer and more compact, resulting in players having to push themselves instead of pressing a button. The Metro lines, however, used the standard button systems seen on the RTN.

All rail traffic is along the right hand side of the rails.

City Rail

North Line

The North Line, once complete under RDP's original plan, would run east-west from Big Island to the West of Port Random.

Completed stops under the plan:

Code Name Notes
Big Island Interchange with Coast Line and Metro East
Kamen Rider Interchange with RTN Outer Line and East Line

East Line

The East Line, once complete under RDP's original plan, would run North-South through the Historical District.

Stops on the line:

Code Name Notes
E5 Kamen Rider Interchange with RTN Outer Line and North Line
E4 Fort
E3 Beach Interchange with Coast Line
E2 Ferry Yet to be connected, planned interchange with Downtown Line
E1 CoLDe Lands Planned; Interchange with South Line

Coast Line

The Coast Line was the first completed line and provides a connection between the Metro East and the Union Terminal Station.

Underwater windows were fitted along the Big Island portion.

Code Name Notes
C5 Big Island Interchange with North Line and Metro East
C4 City Hall
C3 Lighthouse
C2 Beach Interchange with East Line
C1 Union

South Line

This was a yet-to-be completed line south of Port random. Only 2 stations was done:

Code Name Notes
C1 ColDe Lands
C2 Riversouth Interchange with Metro South

Downtown Line

This was a planned line stretching the Downtown Strip.

Metro Rail

Metro East

Metro East was the only completed line under RDP's original plan. The line stretched from Big Island to Viktoria.

Metro East is also the densest line, as there are four total rail tracks on this route. Two of said tracks serve as an express rail between Viktoria and Port Random.

Code Name Notes
ME1 Big Island Interchange with North Line and Coast Line
ME2 Noodleville
ME3 Autry Plain
ME4 Viktoria Interchange with RTN North Line

Metro South

This line stretched from the RTN Templer Line, and followed the highway towards the Union Terminal.

Code Name Notes
MS8 Michael Interchange with RTN Templer Line
MS7 Failure Park Under Construction
MS6 DMT Park Interchange with RTN Outer Line and Little Saigon Railway
MS5 Skeletor Pyramid Branch Line to MOTURK49, no access to DMT Park
MS4 MOTURK49 Interchange with West Line, branches into DMT Park line and Skeletor Line
MS3 Fegelland
MS2 Riversouth Interchange with South Line
MS1 Union Interchange with most other lines

Metro West

This line, once completed, will connect the Union Terminal with the Newport Terminal and the Pierre Poutine Airport

So far, the only complete section of the Metro stretches from Union Terminal to Newport Terminal

Code Name Notes
MW1 Union Interchange with most other lines
MW2 Little Canada Terminal Interchange with some City Rail lines
MW3 West Port Random Interchange with West Line
MW4 Industrial Centre Junction
MW5 Stronghold Interchange with RT West Line
MW6 Newport Old Station
MW7 Newport Terminal Interchange with Newport Rail System
MWA1 Airport Corporate Centre Planned
MWA2 Pierre Poutine Airpot Planned

Metro Airport

This line, when planned, would be a direct connection between Union Terminal and the Airport, following the tracks of the Metro West Airport Branch.

Metro North

This planned line would follow the highway across the Chono Valley.