Former server owner
Former server operator
Procrastinator riding
procrastinator riding a pig
General Information
Minecraft Name procrastinator
Unterganger Name Trapped Antics
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Nationality British
Joined June 2013

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procrastinator is one of the first and most frequent players on the Unterganger Minecraft Server as well as a former owner of the server. He is best known as the saviour of the server along with Molster, who managed to resurrect the server when the First Server Downtime had struck.

Structures Built

  • Dutch Weed Cafe
  • Hue Island Slaughter Room (of which was used in the past to trap unsuspecting players who were idle)
  • HUE lighting
  • Hue Tower
  • Ibrahim's Carpets
  • Ibrahim Mat Zin Monument
  • Potion Dispenser (opposite to Molster's Eat-O-Matic)
  • Unterganger City Airport
  • Various fountains
  • Various sever flags accross the server (vertical hue stripes)
  • Village of Luminosity Lighthouse
  • Village of Luminosity Rail Station


  • procrastinator uses the Optifine jar instead of the vanilla jar.
  • procrastinator decided on using vertical Hue on the server flag instead of horizontal.
  • procrastinator funded several months of server hosting.
  • As his name may suggest, procrastinator's tasks often end up being delayed.