The Redstone Railway Company is a railway company established by KrebsLovesFiesh in March 2018 with AlphaSkyRaider, and operated by ParrotAntics. The company has its main operation headquarters in Eston Post but there are several branches of the company operating different regions of the rail network.

Currently the company operates 10 lines.


The name of the company was inspired by the fact that before major renovations, almost all of the rails built in the name of the company is supported by redstone blocks floating in the air. The company is historically significant in the eastern part of the server because in the early days of exploration, no official railways reach there. Although the rails stretch TP-worthy distances, it is usable for transport between 1 or 2 stations along the line. The first line ever built by KrebsLovesFiesh to be assigned to the company was Crap Line, while the first unofficial line ever was a short rail line linking Eastern Eston Post and the official rail station of Central Eston Post.

After Krebs' ban, the company is ran by ParrotAntics.


Currently there are two headquarters buildings located in Eston Post and Dinnertime. The Eston Post HQ operates all RRC Central railways, and the Dinnertime HQ operates all RRC East railways. There is a plan of launching third branch of RRC that will serve western lands in UMS.


RRC Central Rail Zone

RRC East Rail Zone

  • Lucek Memorial Line (Fegelein - Falkenheim section)
  • Treno Auditore Line (Borutz - Tarrantia section)
  • Express Lily Line (Dinnertime - Ottoburg section)
  • Ocean Line

RRC West Rail Zone

  • Far West Express Line (Garfield - Vina Tusca section)
  • Molster Monotrack (Los Vipleros Cordis - Los Cremos)

Design manual


  • Lines have to be made with powered tracks, and they should use redstone torches for power. Detector rails are also allowed.
  • Turns shall be made with 90 deg. angle.
  • Diagonal track designs are allowed.
  • Tracks should be laid on special basis, like concrete or gravel. Putting on pale grass/stone is prohibited.
  • Viaducts have to be made with stonebricks. Stone slabs are allowed to be put under track basis. Although some exceptions are allowed under extraordinary and justifiable circumstances.
  • Slopes for elevation changes should be made with proportions: 3-4 blocks horizontally:1 vertically.
  • Tunnels for the lines need to be made by concrete and have 3x3 size. Lights are mandatory.


Design styles

No. Name Characteristics Dimensions


Photo (description) Stations utilizing the design* Notes
1 141 Single track double slope with trigger button. 1x4x1 design discontinued in July 2018
2 Lucek Old Andesite frame, glass columns and ceiling with water filling, lit up by redstone lamps, roof supported on glowstone. Syncope, Tagor (exterior), Dorklich LML
3 Lucek Concrete Tarrantia,

Dinnertime, Heeree, Tagor (platform hall), Dorklich International Airport

4 Brick undefined Z3 Memorial,


5 Victorian undefined Grey Hills, Dinnertime
6 Violatile Stations consist of single building with high 2-slope roof, interior is filled with tree-alike support structure. All entrances are built in form of ornamented gateways. Wood as primary material. Clarksonville, Strasburger, Blackmonville, Garfield, Espero de Nubira Named after PA's younger sister, as she introduced this style under his supervision.
7 Run-down undefined Cobulstown
8 Aesthetic Loosely based on existing stations, made only due to aesthetic reasons. undefined Eston International, Breakthrough, Jollyfish, Piglet's Hideout, Almsfeld, Wolfpine, Exeter, Fegelein, Fegelstable, Uterus,
9 SRA Modern undefined Los Vipleros Espresso, Stb Constance, Ottoburg Utilized by SRA.
10 Oceanic Built with prismarine blocks and sea lanterns. Located underwater. undefined Mare Tranquilitatis
11 Realist Strictly based on the real-life railway stations, either existing or demolished. undefined Chessboard Monument, Los Vipleros Cordis, Tagor West
12 Locale Resembles the architecture of nearby NPC villages undefined De Mono, Drisden, Los Cremos, AKAT

* - defunct stations are set in italics


  • The company used to be so lazy under Krebs' regime, that the map was mostly littered with straight pail red line things. After PA's introduction the amount of pale red lines was reduced to minimum.
  • Krebs claimed that almost everything the company does is heavily influenced by Japanese ways of doing things.
    • kimilil disputed this claim as his original RTN has more in common with Japanese transit concepts and very much earlier executed (since late-2014). This includes:
      • Through services between lines of other railway entities e.g. at Weston and Orchid IC.
      • Prioritizing connectivity between lines with many interchange stations.
      • Prioritizing through platform stations with provision for extension instead of massive terminal stations with short lines between terminals, a common RRC modus operandi.
    • He disputes the claim so much that he thinks RRC should retract the claim altogether.
  • Unlike the Rail Transit Network, RRC is in favour of straight, high elevated lines with 90° turns, due to personal preference by Ugultu.
  • There is increasingly heavy Polish influence on the company's lines and stations brought in by ParrotAntics.

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