The River Oder (formerly the Nile) is the name given given to the river that runs through the desert part of Unterganger City and beyond. One end of the river discharges into the southern Baldic Sea. The other end connects to River Elbe that runs through Greater Athyras, according to biome data and confirmed through various Minecraft tools. Where the Oder ends and the Elbe begins has not been confirmed.

On its banks are many biomes, ranging from deserts (most prominent), forests, taiga (second most prominent, it snowed prior to 1.7.2), and extreme hills on its southernmost point.

The area near its northernmost stretch is seeing steady development, with multiple bridges spanning over it and Saltshore built on its left bank near its mouth. A series of channels have been dug at points where the riverbed rises above the water line to reconnect sections of the river. At its southern point, another series of canals connect the river, a lake and a swamp biome together forming a navigable channel to the South Ganger Sea. Thus there is now a continuous waterway from the Baldic Sea to the South Ganger Sea that one can boat on. Near the discarge to the Baldic Sea, tudor has built a series of canals, turning a peninsula into an artificial island, giving the river another arm.


  • Tudor refers to the stretch of the Oder that passes near his house (in the Taiga biome) by the Oder's Polish name, Odra.