The River Spree Boat Race is the first race course of any kind in the Unterganger Minecraft Server. The race course take place over the length of the River Spree and crosses the boundary between Unterganger City and Athyras twice.


The starting line is located in front of the Mfaizsyahmi's Headgear Emporium. Leaving the starting area, players pass under the bridge between Clock Tower and Hue Island before entering the watergate to Athyras.

Within Athyras, the river-course makes a bend in front of the Courthouse and afterwards goes through a straight stretch before turning right behind the construction site. There is a fork where players can get under the bridge to the fort or go towards the sea. The course merges back near the bow of the ship and enters the River Spree back again at its northern course.

Through this stretch between the Slender Forest wall on the left and the old discrict park of Athyras on the right, the players afterwards re-enter Unterganger City at the Old Malay Town. Several bends later the course reach its finish line marked with checkerboard pattern in front of the Hue Island fountain.