The Rules Room was the gateway to the Unterganger Minecraft Server world for every new player. It was originally built by then-server owner Fegelein1906, located underground. Entry of new players through the Rules Room used to be supervised manually by Fegelein1906 himself, but was then made automatic by Molster; newly-spawned players will be automatically teleported off the spawn ground into the Rules Room, and has their game mode changed into Adventure mode.

The room consists of a chamber with walls filled with the server Rules on signs (most date back to Fegelein1906's original rules and may not be correct or currently enforced), a lava passageway (passable only when the players presses a button, constituting agreement to the Rules) and a staircase at the other end of the passage leading to the surface. If no OP is present on the server access to the lava passage will be blocked with bedrock.

The staircase leads to a small circular building for new players at the Meatball Street-Snowden Street junction.

The old spawn (and the whole mechanism) was abandoned on 1 December, when the disused DA's Castle was repurposed as the new spawn. Previously, some players were able to bypass the Rules Room when they first joined the server. The spawn was also moved because the Rules Room was small and cramped.  A written book with command features introduced in Minecraft 1.8 now replaces the rule agreement process.


Various clock circuits power a bunch of command blocks that check for certain conditions. The effective condition checks are performed in the following order:

  1. Presence of new players in the spawn zone
    • Checking for newly-spawned players is done by assuming they have 0 XP level: A command block checks for players within the spawn zone with 0 XP level.
    • If the above check is successful, the player is teleported into the Rules Room
  2. Presence of new players in the Rules Room.
    • Continuation of the previous check. Players with 0 XP level within the Rules Room has their game mode changed to Adventure (to prevent griefing in the Rules Room itself).
  3. Presence of OPs
    • This is done by counting players in team OP (that every OP should be a member of) that are currently logged in.
    • If there's no OP (i.e. no one on team OP) present on the server, a bedrock barrier will be spawned across the entrance to the lava passageway, preventing any new player from passing through said passageway. Otherwise the bedrock will be cleared.
  4. Changing game modes back to Creative as new players emerge to the surface
    • Installed in the exit building at the top of the staircase, it changes the mode of the new players (it looks for players in the radius with mode set to Adventure and XP level 0) to creative and give them 1 XP level.
    • This should prevent them being teleported to the Rules Room again should they pass through the spawn area.