Aerial view of the town
Coat of Arms of Sallosh
Coat of arms of Sallosh
General Information
Name Sallosh
Mayor Hans_Krebs


Sallosh is a jungle-themed town built by Hans_Krebs in a jungle biome just east of Saltshore. Withing the town there are houses, a small marketplace, tribesmen council building and a temple dedicated to mother nature.

Coat of Arms and motto

The town of Sallosh is is located in the heart of a jungle, and because of that, all activities within the city are related to the biome in some sort. The stag is a symbol of the peace-loving nature of the city, the colors green and orange stand for the jungle's leaves and the color of the cocoa beans, respectively. The motto "providing for all" reflects the place's abundance of food and shelter, making it the perfect place for people to live.


Within the town there are small houses, a temple dedicated to mother nature, where one does enter/exit the town (its residents must go to the floor to hunt for food, and they pray for blessings before leaving). There is also a tribesmen council, where administrative decisions are taken, and a small marketplace, where some exotic artifacts are traded. Sallosh can only be found by going through a rocky tunnel located west.