Saltshore town
Aerial view of the town
Coat of Arms of Saltshore
Coat of arms of Saltshore
General Information
Name Saltshore
Transit E3 KBZ Pyramid/Saltshore
Mayor Hans_Krebs


The City of Saltshore is a walled town built by Hans_Krebs to the east of the Unterganger City. Within the town are houses, docks and also the KBZ pyramid. Along with Deepwood Motte, Saltshore was also inspired by the homonymous town in the HBO series 'Game of Thrones', which is also located in a desert biome.

Coat of Arms and Motto

Saltshore's heraldry is represented by a blue shield in a white field, which stand for the city's isolated nature, along with it's coast and harbor. The turtle represent Saltshore's nature of a city which thrives on its rich waters.


Saltshore, as a trading city, contains a harbor and a shopping district where products from abroad are sold by the jewish merchants. It also has houses, a city hall and the famous landmark known as the KBZ Pyramid. Saltshore is also a heavily fortified bastion, which ensure its protection against foreign invaders.