Sanostonburg (briefly STB) is a relatively new city far away from the center of the server, built by Ugultu. Sanostonburg is situated in "Shenanigan Ocean", east of Tarrantia and north of Dorklich.


There are a few planned districts scattered around with Sanostonburg Mainland being the leading district. Every planned district will be named after getting started.

Sanostonburg Mainland

Sanostonburg Mainland is the first and central district in Sanostonburg, it is called Mainland although it is surrounded by seas. It is the government district of Sanostonburg. It is an 18x18 chunks (288x288 blocks) of land directly built on water. It has undersea walls around it, making it a strong place. Below the Mainland, it is dry and reserved for future with the name "Underwonder". Mainland is the place where main infrastructure is based at. Canabai, Morioh and Dorklich has embassies there. Mainland is currently on hold because every single planned building has their exteriors completed.


Small islands around Mainland will be used for various purposes.

Springfield (Uptown)

Planned residential district with skyscrapers and apartments. North.

Springfield also has the Wilhelm Kemp Tennis Complex, built by NerdieSanders.


Planned commercial and financial district with a port. Northwest.


Planned industrial district with factories. Ugultu is mainly working on it. Currently serves as the temporary storage area for buildings that were dislocated from their original places or the sandbox area for new constructions. Northeast.


Planned district with small houses. North.


Planned district with military stuff. Has a commercial airport. Ugultu put that district on hold since airport exterior was done. Northeast.


Planned district with miscellaneous buildings and railway test/experiment zone.


Consists of 2 districts with first being former Hasbro/Zion Spaceport. It was taken by Ugultu during seperation of Zion. Planned district with scientific stuff, possible launch pad for space missions and an hadron collider. Other district is Hassenfield town, west of former Zion Spaceport. Ugultu oftenly works on Hassenfield.


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Buildings of Sanostonburg

Name Status District Architectural Style
Junkers Tower Completed Mainland Modern
Sanostonburg Main Station Completed Mainland Victorian
Sanostonburg Boatlev Terminus Completed Mainland Modern
Sanostonburg Commuter Station Completed Mainland Neoclassical
Sanostonburg Parliament Completed Mainland Neoclassical
Court of Sanostonburg Completed Mainland Ancient Greek
Embassy of Dorklich Completed Mainland Stuart
Embassy of Canabai Completed Mainland Modern
City Hall Exterior Done Mainland Modern
Mitreden Tower Exterior Done Mainland Modern
Departments Building of Sanostonburg 1 Exterior Done Mainland Modern
Departments Building of Sanostonburg 2 Exterior Done Mainland Stuart
Taipei-101 Exterior Done Mainland Postmodern
Empire State Building Exterior Done Mainland Art Deco
Tuntex Sky Tower Exterior Done Mainland Postmodern
Ottoburg Main Station Completed Ottoburg Modern
Aon Center Exterior Done Mainland Modern
Woolworth Building Exterior Done Mainland Neo-Gothic
Comcast Tower Exterior Done Mainland Postmodern
Mertim Tower Exterior Done Mainland Modern
Lubyanka Building To Be Constructed Mainland Neo-Baroque
Asia-Pacific Financial Plaza To Be Constructed Mainland Modern
Sears Tower Exterior Done Mainland International Style
Bitexco Tower To Be Constructed Mainland Futuristic
Centre Court (Court Rafa Nadal) Completed Springfield Modern
United Nations Headquarters Completed Mainland International Style
Hilton Hotel Izmir To Be Constructed Springfield Modern
Sanostonburg Decorations Shop Completed Mainland Modern
Contrast 14 Exterior Done Mainland Modern
Gray Basket Tower Exterior Done Mainland Modern
Curveland Tower Exterior Done Mainland Modern
Twin Paradise Towers Exterior Done Mainland Modern
E Exterior Done Mainland Modern
Sanostonburg Tubular Plaza Exterior Done Mainland Modern
Havilland Airport Exterior Done Havilland Modern

Sanostonburg Construction "STB-C"

Every building designed by STB-C has a sign to mark it is built, heavily assisted or designed by Ugultu. Sign format is STB-C X.


Code Name Place Status
STB-C 1 Junkers Tower Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 2 Sanostonburg Main Station Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 3 Sanostonburg Boatlev Terminus Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 4 Eston Post Boatlev Terminus Eston Post Existing
STB-C 5 Dorklich Air Traffic Control Tower Dorklich Preserved
STB-C 6 Sanostonburg Commuter Train Station Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 7 Dorklich International Airport Station Dorklich Preserved
STB-C 8 Sanostonburg Parliament Building Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 9 Coat of Arms Sanostonburg Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 10 Lodzermenscher Palace Tarrantia Existing
STB-C 11 Sanostonburg City Hall Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 12 Court of Sanostonburg Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 13 Embassy of Dorklich at Sanostonburg Sanostonburg Closed
STB-C 14 Dorklich Lighthouse Dorklich Preserved
STB-C 15 Dorklich Central Bus Station Dorklich Preserved
STB-C 16 Departments Building of Sanostonburg 1 Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 17 Departments Building of Sanostonburg 2 Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 18 Ottoburg Main Station Ottoburg Existing
STB-C 19 Mitreden Tower Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 20 Strasburger German Tower Strasburger Existing
STB-C 21 Experimental German Residence Strasburger Existing
STB-C 22 Strasburger Clock Tower Strasburger Existing
STB-C 23 Monumental Ticket Machine Thicket Existing
STB-C 24 Empire State Building Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 25 District Court of Tarrantia Tarrantia Existing
STB-C 26 Woolworth Building Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 27 United Nations Headquarters Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 28 Tuntex Sky Tower Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 29 Morioh Central Train Station Morioh Existing
STB-C 30 Sears Tower Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 31 Sanostonburg Decorations Shop Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 32 Mertim Tower Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 33 Embassy of Sanostonburg at Dorklich Dorklich Demolished
STB-C 34 Aon Center Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 35 Comcast Building Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 36 Contrast 14 Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 37 Gray Basket Tower Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 38 Curveland Tower Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 39 Twin Paradise Towers Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 40 E Sanostonburg Existing
STB-C 41 Los Vipleros Cordis Station Los Vipleros Existing
STB-C 42 Sanostonburg Tubular Plaza Sanostonburg Existing

Sanostonburg Maritime Transport "SMT"


SMT has no destinations yet.

Sanostonburg Railway Authority "SRA"


Name Type Between Status
The Boatlev "Fegeline" Express Sanostonburg Boatlev-Eston Post Boatlev Completed
The Boatlev "Comet" Express Sanostonburg Boatlev-Havilland Airport Boatlev Undergoing Planning
Dorklich Airport Shuttle Shuttle Service Sanostonburg Commuter-Dorklich International Airport Completed
Underwonder Line Local Sanostonburg Commuter-Trident Undergoing Planning
Sanostonburg Metro Local Sanostonburg Commuter-Sanostonburg Commuter (loop) Undergoing Planning
Rail of Final Answer Express Sanostonburg Commuter-Tarrantia Completed
Woodland by Northwest Major Stopper Sanostonburg Main-Woodland Undergoing Planning
Inter-Eastern Cities Line Major Stopper Sanostonburg Main-Dorklich Work in Progress
Northeast Corridor Stopper Sanostonburg Main-Stahnsdorf Undergoing Planning
Eastern Connector Major Stopper Sanostonburg Main-Teotihuacan Undergoing Planning
Palm Beach Route Commuter Sanostonburg Commuter-Undefined Undergoing Planning
Majestic Railway Regional Sanostonburg Commuter-Undefined Undergoing Planning


Ugultu states he has many bright ideas for the upcoming city. If nothing bad happens, it will be a well-known city in the end thanking to the fact that Ugultu is ambitious.


  • Name Sanostonburg comes from a Macedonian bus company "Sanos" merged with -ton and -burg suffixes.
  • The architectural style is mostly neoclassical and modern, with some Victorian.
  • It took Ugultu approximately a week to fill the land and make walls for Mainland.
  • Jungle wood is banned from Sanostonburg unless it is permitted.
  • Acacia wood, cobblestone and end stone is restricted too but not completely banned.
  • NerdieSanders has floored most of the buildings until Ugultu became a moderator.
  • Havilland gets its name from De Havilland, a British aviation manufacturer.
  • Mertim Tower is tallest and flattest structure in Sanostonburg, it is known for being taller than the real life Mertim Tower.
  • There is a building shaped as an "E" in Sanostonburg.
  • Ottoburg could not be accessed for more than a month, because of a bad chunk crashing the server whenever it was loaded. This problem wasn't fixed for a long time because Ugultu wanted to retrieve Ottoburg SRA station.