Sentry Gun sculpture
May be enough gun.
General Information
Type sculpture
Completed on 14th of November, 2014
Inspired by Team Fortress 2
Coordinates Need some help here.
Location Old Newport(Originally northeast of Viktoria)
Built by MTM
“I built that”
The Sentry Gun sculpture is a building/pixel art on the Unterganger Minecraft Server. As its name represents, it is a giant level 1 sentry gun belonging to the BLU team of the videogame Team Fortress 2.

It was built by MTM on November 2014 on the north-east side of Viktoria, receiving feedback from Tudor as it was built. However, it was moved north of the original location, to the opposite side of the chunk border by Molster, who decided to use the spot for a project of his own. The sentry has since been annexed by Old Newport on November 2015.

The sentry is provided with a mechanism that allows it to shoot rockets.


The reason BLU team was chosen over RED: The players of the server are a Builders League, United.