Shel Zahav Synagogue
General Information
Type Synagogue
Location Unterganger City
Built by Hans Krebs, Tudor
The Beit Knesset Shel Zahav, loosely translated as "Synagogue of Gold" is a building on the Unterganger Minecraft Server, initially built by Hans Krebs, and then finished by Tudor.


After the Temple of the Hall of Fame incident, there have been calls for a new HoF temple building. The spot for the temple was marked out, and it has been decided to make a Synagogue of Fame on the site by Hans Krebs. However, after building most of the external structure, he went away from the server for almost a year, leaving it unfinished and vulnerable, time in which it has been subjected to plenty of griefing, regarding the golden Star of David ontop of it.

In 2015, however, deciding to not leave it unfinished, Tudor took charge of the abandoned building, finishing it and its interior in only 1 day. Initially he named it Aghion Eustatios, but he decided that it would make no sense naming a synagogue after Saint Eustathios, so he renamed it to Beit Knesset Shel Zahav.