Skyborg is a new WIP town, being built by player Fegelein1906.

Skyborg is a town located in the Outer East region of the server, at an altitude of 95 blocks above sea level. The town is connected to land by a massive rainbow, originally built by Fegelein1906, but after a couple of failed attempts, Nerdington found the radius of the rainbow and built said rainbow for him.

The rainbow can be reached by the train station on the outer line serving both Skyborg as Mooshroom Ville. The train stop is situated between the stops for the Gordon Freeman pixel art and the Icyland train stop.

Platforms and buildings

Skyborg's buildings are all built on artificial clouds made out of snow blocks. The clouds are connected by small rainbow bridges that can be used to get from one cloud to the other.


The town's buildings and the fact that it is built on clouds are heavily inspired by Heaven and the Fairy World from the cartoon series Fairly Odd Parents. Just like with Skyborg, Fairy World also has a rainbow connecting their world to Earth.

The cloud that serves as the palace of the Sugar Plum Fairy is a direct reference to the Tooth Fairy from Fairly Odd Parents.

The Council of Nine

The Council of Nine is the ruling body over the town. The town council building can be found on the cloud in the centre of the town. The building is diamond shaped and in the centre a triangular, mainly golden table can be found.

Council Members:

  • Fegelein1906; Council Chairman
  • Batman
  • Barack Obama
  • Captain Sweden
  • Wonder Woman
  • Jesus Christ
  • Aslan the Lion
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Gandalf the Grey


  • The town inspired player Tudor to build an actual Heaven elsewhere in the Outer Eastern region.
  • The main reason construction on Skyborg started was that Fegelein1906 wanted to have some variation from his work on Athyras.
  • Skyborg comes from the Icelandic ský (cloud) and borg (city)
  • Cloud City is the name of a metropolis in the Star Wars universe, also floating in the sky.
  • Despite the main inspiration of the rainbow bridge being the Fairy World, Tudor retroactively linked it to Bifrost, the bridge connecting the 9 worlds in Norse mythology.
  • The coordinates of the town are: X = 1804, Y = 135, Z = 588
  • The Council of Nine and it's members is a direct reference to Season 11, Episode 11 of South Park with the Council of Nine in the episode being another reference to the Greek Gods own Council of Nine.