The Snow Leopard Line is a railway line built by ParrotAntics since September 2018 and maintained by Redstone Railway Company. Initially thought as connector between Lucek Memorial Line and Far West Express Line. the idea evolved to become a full-pledged line connecting towns of Strasburger and Laval.

The name itself was derived from a feline Panthera uncia, better known as snow leopard, and operating system Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Also, the railway runs through snow biome for vast majority of it's route.


Emblem Name Type Transfer lines Status Notes
SL 1 Garmasch Cattlekirchen Terminus Eston Rocket Operational Depot area
SL 2 Strasburger Interchange Cougar Line

Express Lily Line

SL 3 Borutz Interchange Treno Auditore Line Operational
SL 4 Exeter Interchange Lucek Memorial Line Operational
SL-5 Stb. Hassenfield Downtown Pass-through/


To be defined
SL-6 Laval Central Pass-through To be defined
SL-7 Laval Termini Terminus awaits connection


  • ParrotAntics proposed that the line would have a station near Hassenfield Space Center, but that proposal was rejected by Ugultu.
  • Since January 2019 the line terminates at depot area in Garmasch-Cattlekirchen station, which also serves as interchange with Eston Rocket line.