Soweto is a relatively large NPC Village located on a savanna just outside the southwestern corner of the chunk border. Molster named the village after Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa; in both cases "soweto" is an abbreviation for "southwest township"\

Since late 2016/early 2017, the town was annexed by Canabai, and became an autonomous region of the city.

Being close to the chunk border, the RT Outer line had a station here since 2015; the station occupying a naturally-generated L house. Then-Southwest Railway extended westward from here, and players could interchange between the two networks at this station. As Canabai asserted influence on the region, SWRW was made mostly defunct. Around late-2018, the old station was replaced with a large new station to cater for three lines: RT Outer Line, CNR Juusto Line (direct successor to SWRW), and newly-established Toto Rosanna Line. CNR plans to have its Juusto Depot nearby.